Grade 5


What does “home” means to me?

I really love my cozy bed
Even when my PJ’s are red

I have all my friends at home
Even when I’m talking on the phone

I love playing video games
Even when I eat candy canes

I always sing at my home
I love doing it all alone

My home is the place where I study
Even when Im really muddy

I love eating pizza
Even when Im watching WWE Diva

I have my love
Even when Im above

I have attention
Even when I don’t like my reflection

I love everything at home
Even when I’m in a dome

So now you know what home means to me,
I hope you will understand that I just love my home so much,
And I really hope you will understand too.
So have a good time and thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity.
This will help me get ideas, so thank you.