Grade 6



My home is a place where we stay.

My home is a shelter that keeps me and my family safe, home is a place where we stay safe and stay clean and be healthy and joy of happiness,

Home is a place that keeps people and family protected.

Home is a place to keep clean clothes, a washer and dryer to keep our clothes smelling clean and fresh. We put our clothes and towels in the closet and drawers.

Home is a place where we hang our jacket or shirt and t-shirt sweater.

Home has a bathroom to keep our skin smell nice and keep us clean.

Home has keys to keep the door locks, to keep your stuff safe. Home has food in the fridge and freezer.

If I built a house I would put a table, a tablecloth, chairs, tv furniture, couch, bed, curtain, blanket, pillow, cable, internet, rug, plants, art supplies, a computer, a printer, and pictures in it. These items would make my house into a home.