Grade 5


What does home mean to you?

There is something called home,
which is a place where you can be safe,
a place where you can also have faith.
You can have hope, anywhere at home,
although it is just a building, you can still roam,
even if there are small spaces,
and you can even have races although I don’t know why?
Obviously to play games, even when inside.

Sometimes moving can be sad, but don’t worry, it will
All feel better when you fit into a new home because your
Dad can make everything feel better too.

Almost everyone has a home
But not all,
That’s why I’m writing this poem,
For people who can’t bloom,
What I mean by that, is that they can’t get a room

A home is a place where you can be represented,
As a good role model for everyone else,
So they are kind of like you, but still themselves.
That’s why everyone needs a home,
To be happy, on their own.