Grade 6

Thunder Bay

What does home mean to you?

Home is many things to me, it is being with my family, being at school with my friends, and being on the ice at hockey. Home is family. Family is home to me because without my family I wouldn’t be loved as much as them. They care for me, love me, feed me, accept me, all things a family would do, and to me when I’m with my family they keep me safe. Home is school. School is home to me because when I’m at school I have friends who care about me. If I get hurt they would get help, they would help me up. When I’m at school, I also have teachers, teachers who worry about me, who care about me, teachers who make me laugh, who make me smile, teachers who make me, me. Home means to me hockey. Hockey is a big one to me because what I’m doing on the ice I know that they are aware of what’s happening. They know that I know what to do when I’m hurt, they know what to do when we’re in a situation that is a bit tricky to fix, but they end up finding a way of solving it. I just know that they care for me, they accept me for who I am, they’re fair, they believe in me and lastly they don’t care when I am being really goofy/silly. The last thing that home means to me is life. Life is such a beautiful place and it makes me feel at home. It makes me feel at home because life is nature, and nature is plants and plants? Plants are alive, and alive is beautiful! A lot of things that are alive are beautiful, like trees, plants, grass, flowers, animals, even humans themselves. So family, school, hockey, and life, makes me feel at home, and that’s what home means to me.