Grade 4


What does home mean to you?

Family is what makes my house my home. In my family we work together, play together and help each other. In my home I live with my silly, funny and creative brother, my crazy, funny and flexible sister, my hardworking, loving and caring mom, my fun, nice and helpful dad and my crazy, energetic and silly dog, Roxy. I love my family and they are very important to me. If i did not have my family in my home it would not be my home. My home is my safe place. I can trust that when I walk in the door I will feel safe in my home. I know that when I go to sleep at night I don’t have to be scared or worried. I don’t have to be tense. I can be calm and relaxed. In my home I have my own room and that is my private space. If you think about it we all need our own room in our house because not only is it nice to have a space to call your own it also nice to have a space where your stuff can be. We need a space where you can make it look as unique as you want to. We need a space where you can be you and no one can tell you what to do or what to be. If I did not have a home I would be really sad, scared and cry all the time. I would hope that if I did ever end up without a home I would want my family to be there with me so I would still have a bit of home there. This is what home means to me.