Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To You?

A house is different from a home. My parents own 4 houses but we only live in one. The one we live in feels like a home. I love to be at home because it is fun to do whatever you want to do.
Also, the stuff that’s around me at home helps it feel like a home. It feels good to be around the stuff that you like. It’s fun to choose the way you decorate your room.
If you have a pet it helps you feel comfortable and makes a house feel like a home. It’s nice to be around a pet because they can listen to you when you have a bad day and they don’t say anything mean back.
To make a house a home you need to “break it in”. Just like when you get a new couch, you need to sit on it to “break it in”. You need to do the same thing with a house to make it a home.
Home is a good place where you can feel safe and be yourself. There are many houses in the world, but you probably only have one home.