Grade 6



What a home means to me.

A home is a house I turned
into my home by living in a house for a while that you call the you live in a home, a home is where you live in.

My home has furniture and food but not all people have a home to live in and don’t have enough food for themselves. Not all people have a home to live in, people are starving and you should be happy that you have a home because not every person has a home.

Some people don’t even have food at all and people don’t even have food to feed their families. You should be happy for what you have.

A house is like your friends home but to me it’s my friend’s house and to my friend my home is a house to them.

Another person’s home may have furniture and has hot water and probably has the same thing but it’s not your home it somebody else’s home not your home, so considering that is not a home to you it’s considered a house to you.

My home has a loving family and pets.
My home has food, running water and electricity.

That’s what my home means to me.