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St. Albert

What does home mean to you???

A home is a time to do wock and to be great and to do relaxing.

Have fun and play good and learn to listen more to mom and dad.

We will Never be Anger Will we Are at home always and be good when we’re at Mom’s home.

We get a all in the home sometimes we have bad time in the home.

I can walk to my friends houses and i life next to a park and a hill to Slide down on my sled.

Me and my mom and my Brother we move a lot of times.

I move 5 times 2 as a baby 3 times as a 9 Years old and a 10 years old but my brother move 3 times as a 7 years old and a 8 years old.

I have a super big family and I think i have about 90 Cousins.

But my family is Growing and adding 12 more family Members in 5 years.

Now more cousins i have more people i now.

If my brother has homework i have homework too.

We do not life next to old people at all if we did life next old people me and mom and my brother will have him or a her some money.