Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

What Does Home Mean To You

When I think of home, I think about being surrounded by people who love me, my mom, dad, sister and dog Bellaboo. It’s also where we help and encourage each other and build memories.
One of my favourite memories at home is when my mom reads me stories and around Christmas when we all go as a family and chop down our Christmas tree. I enjoy spending time with my family, we like to watch movies, one of our favourites is Marry Poppins. We like to go out to eat at Brothers Two for a treat and go for walks on the beach. We also spend a lot of time at the rink, because my sister and I both Figure skate. The rink is like another home for us, we have lots of friends and coaches that help us feel welcome.
Home is a place we are protected and can feel safe. It’s not just a shelter, but a place where my family all comes together.