Grade 6



A home to me is a place where people can be themselves without being judged.

A home is something that you look forward to going back at the end of day. A home is a place where people feel safe when they are home.

A home is somewhere to get support and motivation from family when you feel down.

A home is something to let all of your emotions out and talk to people that love to help you. No one else has the same type of home.

A home is a place that brings people happiness and love.

A house is just an object made out of bricks and stone. You can move in as many houses you want but your home would be the same if there’s happiness.
A home is where family can grow and keep growing with love and compassion.

Not all people have a home to feel safe, supported and happy. Everyone deserves a home just like me and you.

Everyone should write a story of what a home means to them to help people who are in need of home to have happiness. So everyone would be happy.