Grade 6


What Does Home Mean to You?

Home to me is a safe, warm, welcoming place every kid and family should have. Home is a place where you make unforgettable memories and laugh at them when you are older. It is a place where you never feel alone and get through the tough and sad times together. It is a place where you say you’re sorry and hug it out. Homes are never perfect, they have bumps and bruises. They have sad and heart-breaking memories, but with your family you patch them up and make it all better. It is where you have friends over and play in the backyard. Where you enjoy some fresh lemonade on a hot day. Home is the place you go after a hard day of work; you come home and just let go and spend unforgettable times with your family playing games and singing songs. Home should not just be a place you live in, it should be a place you are proud of and cherish that you have one because there are people out there that would give anything to have a home like you. Everyone deserved a good home, not a one-person apartment for a family of three. No one should have to make a choice of should they have a home or send their kid to school. It is not fair and that is why there are hard working people out there trying to make a difference like Habitat for Humanity. This is what I think a home means and I hope one day everyone will have a home.