Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Does Home Mean To You?

Home, a place to feel safe and protected.
A place to be peaceful and well rested!
A place of my very own you might say,
A place where I can thrive every day.
To show my true self no matter the color,
A place where the days never get duller.
Appreciated and respected I am,
A place I know where I’m never in a jam.
Love and support I feel…
A place where all my scars can heal.
Making memories and mistakes along the way,
Home is the encouraging words I hear every day.
Everyone should have a home of their very own,
A place where they shouldn’t be alone.
When I think of my home I see a community,
A place full of duties and opportunities.
A place with no stress or fear…
A place where all my worries disappear!
I’m so thankful and grateful for all I have,
And I thank this charity on your behalf.
So won’t you help this charity by writing what home means to you…
Even a few people will do!!
Remember change always starts with you…