Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to You?

My hands are freezing, and my clothing is tattered and worn. As my feet drag against the frozen solid concrete, I walk around holding up a torn sign that says “please help cold and hungry”. I was frostbitten on my legs. face and fingers. I was wishing I was sitting by a calm fireplace, wishing that my mom and dad were together, that I was not kicked out of my home. A few weeks later I moved into a shelter. It was warm, there was food, and some good furniture. That night I could not sleep, so many flashbacks of living on the streets, being hurt, betrayed, and lifeless. It was just like passing through so many times. That bright morning I realized that I may live in a shelter with all my needs but the most important need is love and to be safe. You can sink or you can float, right now I have sunk to the dark and deep bottom. I need love to fill up my heart. I need a home that has guardians that will love me and protect me. I will have pride and be important in a person’s life. I believe home is where the heart is. To have love and amazing memories.