Grade 5


What does home mean to you

What does home mean
to you ?

A home for me is the best place to live a happy and nice life to live . It is an amazing and enjoyable place to live . You can live a better life .We can have a good night’s sleep ,and sleep comfortable in my whole life , Home makes me happy . We can eat food when I smell food it makes me hungry . We can play . In my home there are rooms .In my home I have a bed to sleep. We have a kitchen to cook food and to eat food .We can watch TV . My family and I talk and eat and have lots of fun . At night my father always put a movie and we sit quietly and watch a movie it is the best time to watch a movie at night . When my mother is in the kitchen I go and talk to her about school , I love going in the kitchen and talking with my mum . I love how my mother cook’s food . I love staying in a house . I love my home.