Grade 5

Grande Prairie

What Does Home Mean To Other People

When you think of a home, you probably think of beds,caring parents, TVs, a place to relax, a place to eat. But what if you had no place to sleep. No parents to care for you,and nowhere to relax. That is what 1/7 people in Canada alone are feeling right now. That’s over 735,000 kids that have none of the qualities listed on top. I know a friend who takes in foster kids,and he took in 4 of them. It is cool to see them in a good house, with caring parents. I am very thankful that I grew up with loving parents and a nice home. When you think about it, people take a lot of stuff for granted. If I had money I would choose donate to these children. Note: If I had money. ;[
So what does home mean? For some people it is a place to relax, and sleep, But for me it is a place to chill with the people your loving parents. Or that’s at least what I think.