Grade 6

Estevan SK

What Does Home Mean to Me

Don’t you love the smell when you come home to pork chops sizzling on the BBQ. When I come home from school I feel thankful and hungry. I love going into the kitchen and smelling the fresh white bread and the mac and cheese that are now leftovers from last night’s supper and feeling like I am in a safe place. When I walk into the living room I feel and hear the memories and remember how much we laughed, how much we played games, and how much we just sat down and watched a family movie. I love when I pet my cats feeling their fur and how much I love them. When I walk into my step dad’s guitar room feeling and hearing the music going through my head. When I go into my room I hear, feel and taste how much food I eat. Hear how much I listen to music and feel that I am loved so much. When I go to bed I am feeling grateful for everything for what I have and for a grateful, kind and happy family.