Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me And Others?

When I think of home it makes me feel safe because I know I will be safe in my home and with my family I will be safe. When I think of home it reminds me of warm food and warm or cold drinks. It is good to help the poor and put a roof on their head because if you help the poor people that live in shelters and live outside in the hot or cold weather they will do something nice for you if you help them. I feel really bad for the people that live outside in the cold or hot weather because they can get really sick and they don’t have food or water or even winter gear. I want to help people that don’t have a house and I want to make their day turn into the best day they ever had. I hope that you help people that don’t have a roof over their head and put a smile on their faces. I hope this paragraph will talk to you about what a home means to you and about helping others.