Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to Me?

A home to me is a place where you feel safe and free. A home could be anywhere, only you and your family can live there. A home is yours; you can stay there as long as you’d like. A home is soft, cushy, and safe. Home is very loving, warm, and where your heart will stay. You can choose where home will be. A home is actually very different than a house. A home means a lot to me and my family. I am always looking foreword to going home after leaving where my heart belongs. A house doesn’t mean as much to me as a home does. A house will need renovations, warmth, stability, and love to make it a home. A house could be anyone’s, but a home is yours. A home will always be loved and cared for because families like mine will always love it. A house might not be soft, warm nor safe. A house might be expensive, but a home is priceless. So, if I had to choose between a home or a house, in my opinion I would choose a home.