Grade 4


What does Home Mean to Me?

My home means lots of amazing things to me. Like how the branches of my tree make me feel like its spreading the love around home. Eva, my little sister who’s four years old, loves when I give her piggy back rides, it always makes her laugh. I love my family and my cousin who isn’t quite born yet. Also, the caring of my parents, siblings, Aunt Uncle, Grandma and also my Grandpa really feels like they care about me. I feel the love should be with the people on the streets too. The thought of pets for me makes me feel very joyful. Even though I don’t have a pet I still feel like I have one, because I really would like a pet. All of my memories are here, and nothing can be replaced at home. If I had to give all of this up, that would be the worst thing in my life to do that. For me, nothing can be replaced about home for me, I really love home.