Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What does home mean to me?

Home means a place to stay with friends and family
And play games happily.
When I listen to my cat meow
It makes me think of the time my brother growled.

I feel safe in my house
But I feel extremely safe at home
And that’s because I’m not alone.

A place with memories
Were I lit the candle on my cake
A place with lots of space
so there is no need to shake.

It’s a place I express my feelings with
Laughter and joy
It’s the same place my mom gave a life
to a new baby boy!

A spot were I think a lot of how I can help the homeless
I see them and I feed them.

When I find a charity
I help it carefully
I wish everyone was treated the same
And no one had shame.

That’s what home means to me.