Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to Me?

I peer toward my window, the big shimmering houses standing still as stone.
All of those houses have people who love each other,

But what does home mean to me?

But now I think, is there such a thing as a
person who doesn’t know the meaning of home because they don’t have one?
People who do not have a place to thrive. I think of such a person who has not even had a home or even heard of home.

In all my life I have had things like having my own room and having a backyard to play in,

But what does home mean to me?

All of the ideas swirl around my head. I realize, home
Is about having a place where your family cares for and loves you.
You and your family are the heart of the house, where you are pumping all of the joyfulness inside your home.
I wish that everyone in the world could have a home.