Grade 6

New Brunswick

What does home mean to me?

My home is a place to sleep in also to eat in also it a place to live in playing games. My home has a ping-pong table in my living room also a YouTube tv near the place to eat. My mom buys my favourite foods from Salmon to A whole Chicken or French chips.

A home is a place to sleep in, have fun or a place to have playdates or spend your time in . I wait and wait for my brother Gerry to get back from daycare at 5 pm or sometimes he want to go early he like to play animals to bull games at my dad room room room .

The first room also know as Albert room II has a computer the food shop where my mom get out the food note my house is not a shop my office is a warehouse the computer is owned by me and her. Near the warehouse is a living room with a ping pong table where we play ping pong near that ping pong is my dad office he has a computer as well . Upstairs is Gerry mini games (we made them up ) from Zombie soup (not real we use green blankets we make our dad and mom mad ) , Gerry world and lastly sushi simulator.

Near his room by the one when you go the middle is my mom room she does not turn the lights off why it stores the infamous train Gerry was shocked . My bedroom is good however Gerry Wang get something crazy there it was a oops nobody want me to talk.

It sad to see beggars want food in Shanghai and China