Grade 5


What does home mean to me

What does home mean to me!
What does home mean to me? Home is where I live and feel loved by others like my family ,I feel safe in my home. Safety is really important to me and my family so none of us are scared of our home. Laughter is a really common thing we do in our home. It makes us feel at home. I know when I feel at home, it’s when my mom cooks my favourite meal lasagne and when I made lasagne for the first time with my mom I loved it because it tasted really good . The smell of the lasagne is just amazing. It was my childhood favourite meal and I still love it till this day and the spices in the lasagne are really good. We always play games together and that brings our family closer because we’re all together. We do art and we do drawings,colouring we help each other were not all amazing at art but we still try. I have two brothers. I’m the oldest. My brothers are very silly and loud but I still love them.MY favourite activity to do with my family is cooking. When we cook together it’s very fun. That’s what home means to me.