Grade 6


What Does Home Mean to Me?

What Does Home Mean To Me?

What does home mean to me? Well home means a lot of things for me but no one wants to here my opinion for things so you mise well go away…

Still here? Oh… well than you must be different than all the other people that I try to show stuff to. unless, you have to read this then I guess it doesn’t count on my list of “people that listen to me” so, oh well its your funeral so buckle up, its gonna be a long ride
So lets restart this. What dose home mean to me? Well, what does it mean to you? About 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness every year. Around 35,000 canadians are homeless every night. Lots of those canadians suffer from extreme weather. Many get frostbite from the cold because they can’t afford good snow wear. I’m fortunate enough to have a home of my own.
In my home you’ll find: my mom, ther doing laundry or the kitchen or some other work. My brother, probably in his room playing with his mini figers or lego. My dad, who half the time is at work but when hes not, he’s sleeping. And I’ll normelley be in my room listening to music or having a nap.we have our own outdoor rink in our back yard and…oh! I forgot to mention I live in the town of barrhead on 55 A st. I attend prison I mean school at Barrhead elementary school or B.E.S. for short. Im in 6th grade and am 11 years of age.
When I think of home one of the things I think of good food to eat. We have two cabinets and a fridge full of food in our house.we always have good meals every night and have water to drink. We also get treats and desert lots and pop. we also have enough to pack full lunches every day since our school doesn’t have a cafeteria.
Another thing I think about home is having enough money to participate in school sports and recreation because a home costes anuf, sports and recreation is a whole new thing My family has enough money for me to do hockey, swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, running team ect. We can afford new gear when ever we need it. I get to go to cool places every year. Like this year I get to go to jasper on a hiking trip. We also have enuf space in our home as well.
When I picture a home I picture a cozy place to escape the cold. Not all people have a “cozy place to escape the cold”. I’m lucky to have a nice home with heaters and air conditioning and a bed to sleep in. We are also lucky to have running water in my home at that. If you were to search “home” on the web you will see a bunch of mansion like houses. If you searched “canada home” you will see again a bunch of mansions. If you were to search “city home” you will still see a bunch of mansions. If you… well, you get it, mansions mansions mansions and the truth is not all homes are like that and most are not. For heck sake some people don’t evan have a home let alone a mansion!
When i think of long term home I think of a strong community around you that is always thar for you. You could live in an awesome house and live around horrible nabers . Or you could live in a horrible house and live around awesome neighbors. Or if you are lucky like me, you could live in an awesome house around awesome nabers. I also have kids in my area to so thats awesome too.
When I think of home as in provincial than I’v got that good too. If you had to be homeless in the winter (hopefully you wont) would you choose the Yukon or Alberta. I live in Alberta and It still gets cold around here so I can’t amagan what it would be like in the Yukon. Newfoundland had a really, really, really, really big snow storm this year and I cant imagine what it was like for homeless people there. It must of bean super cold and a lot of people must have gotten frost bite when they were out in the cold but I hope everyone is ok over there.
When I think of home as in a countrey I think of a peaceful place to settle down and enjoy life. I (obeasley) live in canada so I have just that but a lot of other people down’t have that. Some people live in a country that is being bombed every day and they have to live with it. I’m grateful that I have a peaceful countrey to live in without having to worry about getting exploded on my way to school.
Well were on the subject of prison, I mean school lets talk about that. When I think of a good home as in school (yes I consider school a second home evan if it is boring at times) I think of a good school with nice teachers that are funny at times and evan make boring periods like social and math fun at times. I have the best luck when it comes to teachers and PA’s. The teachers that i always get are nice and funny all the time. The teacher that I had last year and this year make learning in to games sometimes and get games like kahoot.
Some times I go to my closet and just look for coasey stuff to wear and that makes me think “do all people have good enuf clothes for the cold” and then I think “no”. Luckeley lots of people are doing stuff to help that. My school took part in 20K sock day ware you get as much socks as possible and deliver them to a homeless shelter. We donated to the hope mission in Edmonton and we got over 2000 socks! And I did not make a tipeo I mean 2000 socks. So at the end of the day your worst day could be someone without a homes best day.
Bofor I go I have to say one last thin so hold on, Im almost done. Home is a place to go at the end of the day. A place to eat or play or talk and have fun. A place to sleep and drink and watch sports. When I think of home, I think of happiness. I think of, a small blue house on 55A st in barrhead A.B.