Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to Me?

A house is a building with not much meaning,
A Home is a place where you can have so many feelings.

A place where everyone’s involved,
And where your problems can be solved.

I am so lucky to have a home like mine,
And even more – a family that is kind!

Every morning I wake up,
and so many things I think of.

So many people are sad and alone,
And no one even bothers to let go of their groan to be something bigger to still hold hope.

I know some people can’t afford to help those in need,
But those who can still choose to be mean.

Home is a place where you should always feel encouraged and never discouraged,

And very importantly a home is something everyone should have, and those that don’t should still be loved and cared for like those that have everything they could ever wish for.