Grade 6

New Brunswick

What does home mean to me?

To me, home is a safe place, your sanctuary. The place that you can go back to after a long day, the place where you are safe, where you are protected from the outside world. Home is the place where you can go to when all else fails. Home, a simple four-letter word, but a word that has so much meaning behind it.

For me when I think of home, I think of all of the happy memories I shared with other people. All the mistakes that I’ve made, the ones that made me into the person I am today. A place where you can smile and laugh with your loved ones, the most precious people in your life. A place where you can live and learn, a home is your safe place, it’s your happy place. Is a home really a home if you don’t enjoy being there? A home, a happy place no, your happy place is a basic human right. A safe home is a right and not a privilege. So then please tell me! Why is it that so many people don’t have a home?