Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Does Home Mean to Me?

What does home mean to me?

What dose a home mean to me? Well… to me home is where you feel safe. It’s not only a roof over your head, shelter, and a place too sleep. When your at home, you should feel well… at home.

What does it mean too feel at home? To me, when when you feel at home, you feel safe and comfortable. You shouldn’t feel stressed. For example if at school you are stressed or you’re left out when you get home, it should all go away. Home is a place where I personally look forward to going after school and I think everyone should.

When I’m at my home, I feel I can do almost anything I want and I know there are people I trust and can talk to. That is part of the reason I feel safe at home. I know I can talk to my mom or my dad and I can trust them. I don’t feel judged for anything I do.

If you have lived in the same house all your life, you most likely know your neighbours and have some of your first memories there.

Finally home is a safe place and it is wherever you feel safe and at home.