Grade 5


what does home mean to me

Home means all sorts of things to me but mostly it means cozy, safe and dry. Home is a wonderful place that I have. This is what home means to me… it means i will have things and warmth when i am in my house i pray for the safety of my family that take good care of me and love me. Every night I listen to the trees when I open my window and help my mom and dad get through tough times. Home means to me that the world around me can’t get me or take me away because of the safety that I pray for my home. I put candles around my family in my home and I tell them to follow my words of what our house can do to help and care and also make sure we are dry to live in home is warm can be cold and silly to me but my home is there when i need it for comfort and to calm my body.home is not something to joke about you should be happy you even have a home so i think home is the safest place for me to live with my family so that is what my home means to me. 🙂