Grade 4


What does home mean to me

This is what home means to me. Home is a place that has a lot for things like a home gives my food so I can eat and a hot meal for me to eat. Home has love and peace love for me is when someone can do so much for me and you feel like they love me more than you think. Peace is a thing that can be quiet. When I go somewhere and I see people on the Street I am very sad for them and I think how hard it is for them to see people going in to home and they don’t have a home. When I go home and I am walking I am so happy because I get to see my family. When I get tired I can go to sleep on a bed and other people do not have a bed.
When it is raining I can play with my family,sister and friends and I can read a book or play with my toy’s and some people don’t have the money. I am thankful for having a roof over my head and some people don’t. In my house it has a Heater so that it can make my house warm.
In my house I am lucky to have a family and some people don’t have a family. For me a home gives me a lot of happiness because my mom says don’t be sad all was happy and a house for someone will make them happy. In my house we are all kind to each other and with people that don’t have a home they sometimes are not kind to each other so when they get a house they will be kind to each other. So I would like to submit this letter so people that I need a house get the house and they have a smile on their face and they’re very happy to get a house.

Love : Ashleigh sims