Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to Me?

What does home mean to me? To start my writing off I will be talking about the most important thing to me. The most important thing that home means to me is how it’s a safe place. First of all, I find my home safe because I live with people who love me. Next, a safe home is very important to me because I know who everyone is and they support me through difficult times that I have to face. Furthermore, I like having a safe home because that is where my dogs cuddle me and where me, my sister, and my dogs play. Finally, my parents and my sister make me feel safe because they make me delicious food, they support me, and they teach me valuable lessons. Next, home is important to me because that’s where all of my family’s good memories are. Furthermore, some of the good memories are when I took my first steps, and when I learned my first words. I enjoy having good memories at home because home is where I feel happy and safe. Home means where I am surrounded by my friends and my loved ones. My friends make me laugh, cheer me up, and a lot more. This is my writing piece on what home means to me.