Grade 6


What does home mean to me

A home is somewhere you know you are safe. It is a place where you spend time with family and friends, have parties, invite people over, and just relax. You have things in your home that make you feel comfortable, but if you didn’t have a home you would have nowhere to put those things that are special to you. That’s why I think having a home is important.

Your home provides you heat in winter and cool air in summer. Its somewhere you can have pets and keep them safe.

Some homes are where people grow up. Some people go from home to home for multiple reasons. They may need to move for job opportunities, or they fell into poverty and can’t afford their home. A home also means belonging to a community.

This is something not related to the subject, but a lot of people do nice things to get prizes or publicity. when this happens, I think “no” this should not happen don’t just do things to get big on the news or win awards. You should do things to make a difference in the world/community you live in. Back to the home subject…

Sometimes a home is a place people go when they can’t take care of themselves or they need help in any way shape or form. If you need help you get that’s why 1 person in the world can make a big difference by treating everyone equally

That’s my definition of home.