Grade 5


What Does Home Mean to Me?

Playing games and having fun, being there for everyone.
Even if you are down, your family will help you out.
In the morning, give some hugs, then give out hot coffee in some mugs.
Give a smile to everyone, then run a mile for some fun.
If you’re mad, don’t let your frown bring you down.
Family is love and a pet dove is peace, you’re a dove and your family is love.
Laughing or crying, mad or sad, your puppy dog will lick you with lots of love.
Hugs and kisses in the night, tuck you in and say “goodnight”
My home is very safe even if you eat some cake! That’s what home means to me.

Having a happy family.
Open to an amazing home.
My family lives here.
Everything a girl could ever want!