Grade 5


What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home is a place where you feel comfortable and happy. It’s a safe place. It is a place where you know where to go to when you are tired. It’s a place where you can store your things; like lamps, beds, toothbrushes etc. You can do lots of things when you’re in your home, like playing games, eating snacks, and sometimes people also watch movies in their house. In your house, you have lots of rooms. When you’re at home, you can have fun with your siblings. A home is where you have lots of memories with your family and friends. Whenever you go into the house, you instantly feel welcomed because no one would kick you out of your family’s home. In your home, you also have celebrations with your family. You know your home very well because you have lived there for a long time. It’s also a place where you keep your personal belongings. You can let your feelings out when you feel sad. It’s a place where you grew up, that’s why you know the place so well. Anybody who doesn’t live in your house can’t call it home. When you’re outside in the cold and you walk in your home, you feel really warm when you take your jacket off. When you’re sick, you stay home. When that happens, you feel warm inside your home and then you can go to sleep. If you get tired ,you don’t have to sleep outside when it’s cold and dark, you sleep on your bed in your room. It’s a place where you can invite your friends to have fun! You can also have sleepovers! If you have pets in your home, they will comfort you whenever you need help.