Grade 5


What does “Home” mean to me?

Look in your home, what do you see?
I’ll explain what home means to me.

I know my home is very safe,
I’m not too sure about your place.

My home holds lots of love,
I can pray to my ancestors and stars above.

My home is a place where I grew up,
Everything is loving, even my cup.

Others can’t call this my home,
This home is mine, mine alone.

My home is kind of easy to find,
The people in my house are really kind.

My home is unique in it’s own way,
In my home, I love to play.

In a home I can be myself
I put my precious items on a shelf.

I’ve had people visit over,
My garden has a four leaf clover.

My home is pretty nice,
My garden has lots of ice.

I can walk from home to school,
You know, that’s pretty cool.

A home has your precious pets,
It’s too bad they don’t know the alphabet.

My family is awesome!
In my house, I like to hum!

My family helps me if I fall
If I’m sad, they’ll hear my call.

When you stop to think, you will be grateful.
If you’re not grateful, that’s disgraceful!