Grade 4


What does home mean to me

A home is the place where you feel loved it does not matter where you live long as you have a home and it does not matter if your home is big or small long as you have a place love.

A home is a very cozy place when you’re with your family
watching a move on the couch.
A home is a place that is comforting like people that will be
kind to you and you fit in perfectly fine.
A home is a place where someone tells a funny joke and then
you see everyone’s pretty smile
A home is a safe place where your family protect you
no matter what.
A home is a relaxing place. You can relax in the bath
reading a book with bubbles.
A home is a very beautiful place when you see kids playing in your living room
and having fun so beautifully and cutely
that your heart is going to melt.
There are times when you get to spend time with your family like having a good talk about your day or when your sister or brother tell a funny joke.

It does not matter who you are but long as you have a place to call a home.