Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me?

What does home mean to me?
When I think of home, I think of memories that we have all made together. It really makes me happy knowing that we have all those memories to look back on. The memories that I think of are when we laugh, when we do arts and crafts, and when we are all happy watching friends. To me all the memories in this house really makes me think about how grateful I am. When we are all in this house together it makes me think of all the games we played, like Monopoly or Jenga but after that I think of how much fun and time we spent together. When we play Jenga we are screaming when the Jenga tower falls over. When we finish a game, we go over to the couch and cuddle all together. After the long time we spend at school or at work we know we can come home and don’t have to pretend to be someone else. We know that we can go home and there is someone with open arms waiting for a hug. It makes me so happy to know that we are safe and happy together in our house. This home makes me feel like I can be myself. When the holidays end, it makes me feel good because I know we are all together after the fun stuff and the bad stuff to talk about when we come in the house. After I walk into the house, it reminds me of when we cook together and when we smell the scent of the yummy cinnamon buns. I hope that after you read this, you will give the opportunity for someone to build a home to call their own and to be able to make memories together.