Grade 5


what does home mean to me?

Home is a place where you live and your family loves you. It is where you are always welcome with your family . You spend time with your family everyday there. You have fun by playing games with your sibilings.You play with neighbours everyday. At home, there is always love everywhere.

At home, you have a warm place to sleep. You are cozy and you have a good night sleep. At home, you have all the video games you like and you have your favourite console. At home, your parents and siblings always love you and help you.You learn and study your language everyday. You have fun everyday with your family by playing board games. Home is where all your best dreams, memories and ideas come from. When you are at home your parents and siblings always care about you. When you are at school, your parents think about you. At home, you always get your favourite home made food. At home, you are sheltered from rain, snow and danger. You always have fun even when you are in trouble, you can read books and enjoy quiet times. At home, you are cozy and warm everyday even when it is really cold. At home, you are always respected. That’s what home means to me!