Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What does HOME mean to me

What does HOME mean to me?
HOME to me means being near my family, My pets,
My feelings are allwas warm & happy, I know to allwas
tell the truth, I never lie, To bealive I live in a good country, I know I am allways with my family and freinds, I bealive I am noticed as a good person,

No one will understand how inportend home is to me, I know to be greatful for what I have,
Know one will juge me for the clouthles I were or how I speak,
When I am at home I know my family will help me work throu my problems, Nothing will make me feel bad for what kind of house that I live in it means tomuch to me,
I love home becuse it comforts me and makes me feel much safer when I`m there in it, it is where my inportent stuf is