Grade 6


What Does Home Mean to Me?

In my opinion Home for me is where I can be myself and I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I can express my feelings and not hide them. In my home I don’t have to be afraid of anything in my Home because I know I’m safe and sound.

Home to me is whenever I’m home I can feel comfort and warmth and I just feel like I am cared about, I feel like I’m a princess sometimes because my family/Friends show me so much love and care. Whenever I’m sick, my siblings always take care of me and make me soup. Whenever I come back home from going out (Before covid) and I step back in my house, I can already feel the comfort and support. It warms my heart so much I think it might explode!!

Home to me is where I don’t feel like I have to be someone else around my family/friends or choose a different style because I’m not comfortable enough to express myself around them. They always compliment my outfits,My shoes, and even my necklaces. This boosts my confidence SO much and I feel like I’m a superstar! I feel so confident to just be MYSELF around them. I enjoy not hiding my style and it’s good that they support me!

Home to me is where I’m never afraid to say my feelings or how I’m feeling because I know my family will accept that I’m feeling sad or angry. They will let me be upset and leave me alone and not pressure me into giving them hugs or talking to them because sometimes I just need alone time. They understand me and respect me. This makes me feel safe and it makes me think that it’s okay to be mad, or sad, or scared.

Home doesn’t have to be a house, it could be a person, a pet, or even an object! You should feel loved and cared about in your home enough to express yourself, you should feel not afraid to show off your style and clothes, and you should never be scared to speak about your feelings and emotions.

Home shouldn’t be something you hide or be embarrassed about your Home, instead you should embrace it! Home has a special place in my heart, and I want to protect it with my life. This is what Home Means to me.