Grade 5


What does Home mean to me

What Does Home Mean To Me
BY Mason.B

Home is a place where I can be me
Where I can play
Where I can sleep
Wherever my scooter is. When I need it

When I walk through my door, I smell the delicious scent of hamburgers or Mr. Noodles
I eat downstairs and upstairs
Pretty much everywhere
Where my parents can take care of me.

But I also take care of them
But we all care about our family.
The living room is where we watch tv
But we all care about our family.

My parents sometimes argue with me.
But we all make up because we love our family.
When I fall asleep watching tv, my parents pick me up and take me to bed so I can sleep peacefully.
But I care about my whole family not just My parents not just my pets but everyone
That cares, bounces and reflects their feelings
That is what home means to me
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