Grade 5

Red Deer

What Does Home Mean to Me

Home is a safe place.
It’s comfortable and inviting.
The people or pets will love you no matter what kind of day you have.
Home is the place you find your way back to every day or night.
Home is where you can reflect on all your day’s troubles and thoughts.

Home can never just be bricks, wood, and concrete,
It’s where you have memories and experiences.

Home is not a building, home is where family and friends are.

Home is where you celebrate holidays and traditions with your family,
And loved ones.

Moving from your home can be hard sometimes,
This house, it may just feel like an empty shell.
But when you fill it with memories and laughter, it can be home, too.

Home is where the heart is..
But my heart is in many places.
It’s in my community, my friends, and family.

So what does home mean to me?
I think it means family, friends, and memories.
I think it means love and care for all.