Grade 4


What Does Home Mean to Me?

For me home is a place where I can be myself. I don’t have to act a certain way in my home. People such as my family accept me just how I am. I have to follow rules but they are not rules that affect my personality. Another element to my home is that I have a very loving household to be specific my mom she makes sure that i’m always happy takes birthdays celebrations very seriously she also cooks sometimes even gives up her own time just to spend time with me she is just a big part in our home she makes our home a home. Next is my dad also a big part of my home family. He takes care of our house, he pays our bills, pays off our cars. He is also very loving very supportive always looks out for my safety.My brother he keeps me company when my parents are busy if i’m unhappy he will try to make it better.My home is a fun place in my home im lucky to have toys t.vs balls even a backyard i’m lucky to live somewhere with all the seasons I have a nice neighbourhood there are parks i’m lucky that I can meet with with friends some people can’t even see their friends being happy is a huge element because there is no room for sadness. This is what home means to me. I would like to do the best for families all across the world.