Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home to me means more than a place to live. It’s not just shelter, it’s a place for family and a place where we make memories. A house is a place where a family grows. Home can be anywhere as long as it’s a place where you have made memories or have made an impact on a loved one’s life.
To many people, home is a shelter and a place to stay warm, but to me it’s much more. To me it’s a place where memories are kept and made. It’s a place where you are safe and loved by the people surrounding you. Let’s forget about home being a shelter and imagine home as a place where memories are stored. If you don’t feel safe or loved at home, then that’s not a home. A home should be a place where there’s one big family under one roof making memories and loving each other.
A home is a place where a family is born and where a family grows. It’s where you say your first word and where you learn to talk. A home is where a family goes from just being born to lasting forever.