Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home means a couple of things like love, family, and a safe place to live. I am going to tell you why these things are what home means to me.
Home to me is not a home without love. Without love, it is not a home because living without love means you’re by yourself and that’s not a home to me. When I mean love, I mean my family that I grew up with in my home.
A home is not complete without family members, even if it is a pet. Love and family sort of go together because family members should love their other family members. You need family and people who care about you to make a home.
A house is a shelter and a place to live, but a home is when all the things inside a house make you feel safe. In a home you can live, sleep, eat and relax. A home is a roof over my head and a place where I know I’m safe.
When I think of home, I imagine a place where there is love, family, and safety. That is what home means to me.