Grade 5


What Does Home Mean To Me?

What does home mean to you? To me, home is a place where I can decorate, where I can have privacy and where I can relax. I love my home.
First, you can decorate your house any colour you like. You can choose items that match with your style and make you feel successful. When you decorate your own home, you can express your feelings, your mood and your style.
Next, a home should have privacy. When your home has privacy, you can do anything. You can eat without anyone looking at you awkwardly and you can feed your pet in peace. When there is enough space for everyone in a home, they can sleep alone and be comfortable.
Finally, a home is where you live, where you eat dinner with your family and where you can safely sleep at night. It’s a place where you and your family can play board games and have fun.
A house is just a structure until you decorate it and make it a safe, relaxing place where you can spend time with your family.