Grade 6



I think that the word home means comfort, fun, warmth, happiness, memories and games.

My first reason is that a part of home means fun and games and happiness. I think this because when I have fun and play games I can get to know my family better and I can have fun and enjoy them while I play, have fun with them. I know this because when I was a kid I used to ask my parents to play with me and when they did I felt happy and it was fun playing.
The next thing that home means to me is comfort and warmth which plays a major part for the meaning of home. I know this because when I used to have fun, I also felt comfort because I was comfortable with my parents and brother. When we do family activities like going on picnics and walks it made me feel comfortable because I was with my family. I also felt warmth because when you are at home with your family, you feel warm on the inside because you are feeling safe near your family.

Another thing that is a part of home is memories. Which are important when you get older because you can persevere and remember your struggles. I think this because when I was sad or bored I used to carve a picture of a dinosaur on the wall and every time I look at it now, I remember about it.

So when I am home I always have look for happiness, fun, memories, games, comfort, warmth from my family
So next time I go home I know what I expect from my family.