Grade 5

St. Albert

What Does Home Mean To Me

Home is a special place where you can spend time with people, where they love you.
Lots of things in my home are very special, but it’s not just the things inside that make a home, It’s the people inside it.
Home is a place where I can be free.
Home is a place I like to be.
Home is a place of happiness and love, where people love and respect each other.
Home can be a hard place to find, but once you find one you might not mind.
Home is not a place to be fighting.
Home should be a place to love on everyone.
Home is a place to explore.
Home is a place to learn more.
Home is a place that you can treasure forever and ever.
Home is a place to spend time with family.
Everyday I wake up and happily go to see my family.
Home means that I have a place to be and just be me.
Home is a safe shelter.
Home is a place to let out a good laugh.
Most importantly I can’t imagine what it would be like with no family, no food or no money.
That’s why I am writing this, because everyone should deserve a HOME.
One thing I know is to treat others the way you want to be treated.
Every Night i go to bed tired and worn out,
But each day is a new day to get up, get going and go with God.