Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home is a place to be safe and comfortable and don’t forget to be welcome in, in the place you are wanting to stay . Home does not need to be a house , an apartment or a van ; it can be a place like the country you were born in , the place that you previously stayed in or even where you are right now . But for me home is the three countries I stayed in and they are Canada , Philippines and Singapore , I still miss the places but l have a home here . Home should be a space of delight and you should always feel enlightened with the happiness and joy all around your home . Home sick is a sign that you miss your home or you are far away from home but did you know that there is home all around you from people to things and things to even animals . If you think about it you will see that you have more than one home to go to and even if you don’t see it you have a family , a place to live and stay in and maybe even a country or a thing and many others to call your home .