Grade 6

British Columbia

What does home mean to me

Home is a sense of safety, a place I can go to make me feel safe. Home is more than just a house, it’s a family. Home is the late nights up with your sister. Home is the short hours with your brother. Home is the family fun nights with Mom and Dad. Home is where I share my best and worst memories. Home is where I snuggle with my Mom. Home is playing catch with my Dad. Home is those lazy nights that just seem to pass by. Home is those long nights that just won’t speed by. Home is late night walks. Home is fun with my cousins. Home is boring road trips. Home is late nights sitting by the fire. Home is a cold fight that turns into a long night. Home is a fun night out. Home is restaurant food. Home is a small house that seems endless. Home is a football games on for hours. Home is the endless sleepovers with my friends. Home is my safe place. Home is cold bunched up winters that turn into fun nights in the garage.

Home is a warm hotel. Home is joyful days and slow nights. Home is a cold basement. Home is a warm couch. Home is small rooms that fit in. Home is a warm mug of hot chocolate. Home is a lazy day in my bed. Home is cold showers that make me freeze. Home is hours that feel like minutes. Home is the cold water at the beach. Home is late nights that turn into long days. Home is fun sleepovers. Home is a playground. Home is the endless imagination that creeps in. Home is late night dancing outside. Home is a place to be yourself. Home is a place to feel comfortable. Home is a snuggled up night. Home is loads of horror movies. Home is those spooky monsters in my closet. Home is screaming of joy. Home is a fridge full of food. Home is the homework that waits to be done. Home is the place that’s always there. Home is that sweet scent of food cooking on the stove. Home is that warm joyful smile that seems brighter than the sun. Home is the morning breeze cooling me down. Home is the excitement of a first word. Home is the sky rocketing excitement of seeing a new face. Home is a closed door waiting to be opened. Home is that soothing scent of lavender. Home is the feeling of being loved. Home is a house bringing people closer together. Home is two sisters bickering. Home is long walks on the beach with the whole family. Home is lots of hugs and kisses.
This is my home.