Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home isn’t just a building for a family, it has different properties and intentions. Although, the word “home” is a noun, that’s not all it is. People do many things in their home, and most people can experience what a home is. Having the ability to be involved in an experience of a home is special, magical, cherish-able, hopeful, and even expecting. So, the question is. What is a home? It is a specialty, a happy place, your relaxation. Home is for me to learn, to find my true intentions, to let it out, to listen, to be happy, to try, to feel. To feel grateful, appreciated, celebrated, and safe. It isn’t just that. It’s to find who I am, to be proud of myself, to calm down with music, to talk about my problems and feelings. To be comfortable, to have fun, and to be myself. A home should feel safe, free and should be something you love. It doesn’t matter if you live in a car, a box, or even a treehouse. Anything can be called and stated “your home.”